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LRCA Fourth of July Parade & Carnival

Thursday, July 4, at 11:00 a.m. Registration opens up for the annual LRCA Fourth of July Parade and Carnival. Registration will take place at the corner of Willet Drive and Maurice Lane. The parade begins at 12:00 and heads down Willet Drive toward the Canterbury Woods Elementary School, turning left on Pontiac, and straight into the Ilda parking lot.

If you have never taken part in this community event, you won't want to miss it. Kids and adults decorate their bikes, wagons, and strollers with stars, stripes, balloons, crepe paper, and bunting. There are ribbons for the most patriotic wagon, bike and stroller. Antique cars and convertibles are also welcome to take part in the parade.

Join your friends, neighbors, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts as they march in the parade with police cars, fire trucks, a marching band, and antique cars. March in costume and bring the kids! It�s a great way to enjoy an old-fashioned good time.

When you reach the Ilda Pool parking lot, the carnival begins. This year we plan on having face painting, a moon bounce, snow cone machine, cake walk, and a watermelon seed spitting contest. See you on the Fourth!

Event Schedule

11:00am - 12:00pm Parade Registration (corner of Willet Drive & Maurice Lane)

12:00pm - Parade leaves for ILDA Pool parking lot.

12:30pm - 2:30pm - Carnival activities at Ilda Pool

Ilda will have the Clipper Cafe open with hamburgers, hot dogs and sodas for sale.

Thank you

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Join The LRCA Yahoo Group

The LRCA Yahoo Group is an online forum only open to those who belong to the LRCA. The goal of the group is to facilitate information sharing and communication among LRCA residents in the Woods of Ilda, Willow Woods, and Springbrook Forest neighborhoods.

If you have a question, post it to the group, and you'll get answers. To join, send an e-mail with a request to join the group along with your name, address, and phone number to You'll receive an e-mail invite. Follow the instructions in the e-mail, and you'll gain access to the group.


I am in charge of the signs for the LRCA board. You may have noticed we have some new signs. Made of plastic they are lighter in weight with no sharp edges. We were looking for persons who would be willing to take responsibility for one or two signs each. The job would include putting the message on the sign and placing it out at a designated location. We only put the signs out 5 or 6 times a year at most. If you are interested, please contact me at

Sincerely, Bob Kachur


Priceline has it's negotiator, the on-again, off-again William Shatner, and LRCA has Todd Skipper. While Todd may, and I stress may, never produce a Christmas album (visit for a truly cringe-worthy experience), he is the best trash rate negotiator this side of Guinea Road.

Here are the details of the LRCA agreement with American Trash Service for the next year. To get the discount, you need to be a current member of LRCA (only $20/year). American is a family-owned business that has received generally good reviews from our community for both its service and for its customer relations.

When calling American, always identify yourself as a member of LRCA. American's telephone number is: 703-368-0500.

In addition, American has offered to give ILDA Pool a monthly credit on its current service.

Do your part for our environment: read what American accepts for recycling and do not put those items in the trash.

And thanks, Todd, for helping us all.


The LRCA sponsors the Community Care Network, a group of volunteers who provide support to others throughout the neighborhood in times of need, such as the birth of a baby, death in the family, accident or illness, military deployment, or fire or storm damage to a home. In the past, the group has helped with meals, transportation, errands, odd jobs, and foreign language translation. This invaluable service helps make the LRCA a more cohesive and close-knit community. Our biggest challenge has been finding which neighbors are in need. Rarely will someone ask for help. If you would like to volunteer as part of the Community Care Network, or if you know of someone in need, please e-mail